We want you to know that you are not alone in pursuing a House That Beer Built and that you have fans across the country rooting for you and for the Habitat families that will benefit. To receive the House That Beer Built logo please check the box next to the following statements acknowledging you know the spirit behind the build (the brand) and that you have partners:

House That Beer Built is a celebration of the collaborative craft brewing industry where brewers come together to raise funds a lift a hammer with Habitat for Humanity in their local community.

The first House That Beer Built started in Fort Collins, CO in 2012 and now there are multiple in locations across the country. The Habitat affiliate in Fort Collins loves this build and is pleased to do an introductory call to share their experience with anyone interested. If you would like to do this please write this in the comment box below.

House That Beer Built requires crafting events, partnership, active marketing, thoughtful partner family pairing and all of this means communication with your craft brewery partners.

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